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Create online database applications and let your admins customize fields and business logic.

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Build database apps quickly.

Sonadier is an online database application platform. We provide a form interface, validation, accounts, and permissions. You can start writing custom scripts with our API for your business logic without reinventing the wheel.

Update your apps as your business changes.

Build forms with our drag-and-drop editor, and we'll generate the database automatically. Users with permission can make layout and schema changes to forms, so you don't have to build updates for minor business changes.

Create custom scripts in the browser or server-side.

We handle the layout and backend so you can focus on implementing your business logic. Use the same JavaScript API both client-side and server-side to call third-party services, check custom validations, or create records automatically.

Build stored procedures for your business logic.

Create Procedures that can be run at scheduled intervals or triggered with a POST request. Integrate with your in-house or legacy applications seamlessly with custom API endpoints.

Make relational connections intuitively.

We use forms to represent database tables intuitively to end-users, but features like relationships are available. Use connection fields to let your users select from another form's submissions.

Invite your team with built-in accounts and permissions.

Sonadier comes with a built-in user account and permission system. Group your users and set group-based permissions, and we'll handle authentication and access control.

Use your applications online from anywhere.

Your users can create, read, update, and destroy records online, so your applications are always available and can be used in the field. Hosting is included with every plan.

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