Privacy Policy

Last Updated 9/17/2015

Policy Changes

This policy was last updated on September 17th, 2015. The policy may be updated at any time, and you are advised to periodically review this page.

Collected Information

We collect the bare minimum needed to authenticate an account. Optional additional information can be provided to make services more customizable and easier to use. Usage data is also collected on behalf of facility administrators, such as the time that an action was performed. This is done for the purposes of logging and rolling back changes. We do not sell any information to third parties.

Hosted Information

Most data that we host and accept is held on behalf of business customers. Consult with the respective organizations for their policies on storing, sharing, and securing data.


We use cookies to help us authenticate and store small amounts of data. They can be disabled using your browser's settings.


We use the latest security measures to protect the data sent and stored with us. No method is absolutely secure, and we do not guarantee absolute security.